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Throughout my childhood, I was always eager and interested to learn about the world, and to be able to contribute to it in some way.

My talent and passion for storytelling and filmmaking evolved in a very special way for me. While earning my degree at University of Cincinnati’s college of DAAP, I began to adventure into photography and filmmaking on the side as a hobby, and it quickly turned into something real for me. I began working with Self Diploma, and eventually started freelancing fulltime. Through hard work, dedication, and the proper guidance, I’ve been able to achieve a lot of my goals and work with brands around the world. I take pride in my ability to work under pressure, in the moment, and to handle projects effectively to meet clients demands. Over the years, I have built a real foundation and have a team of the best talent around me to complete any size of project. From a large-scale production, to short documentaries and travel films - I love to do it all. Let me tell your story, and bring your vision to life. Lets create something together.

Emad Rashidi

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